Simple and Flexible Price Plans

LeadFox makes everything easy, even budgeting your campaigns!


  • 2500/emails
  • 50,000/visits


$4995USD - monthly
  • ALL functionalities
  • 500 contacts
  • +$25 for every extra
    1,000 contacts
  • 5,000/emails per month
  • 10,000/visits per month
  • Subdomain


$9995USD - monthly
  • ALL functionalities
  • 5,000 contacts
  • +$10 for every extra
    1,000 contacts
  • 50,000/emails per month
  • 100,000/visits per month
  • Subdomain


$19995USD - monthly
  • ALL functionalities
  • 20,000 contacts
  • +$5 for every extra
    1,000 contacts
  • 200,000/emails per month
  • Unlimited
  • Subdomain

Powerful tools and features included in all LeadFox packages

Tools to convert your visitors into leads

Increase your database: new contacts and leads

  • Landing Page Builder (Drag and drop)
  • Call to action button (CTA)
  • Pop-Up Builder (Drag and drop)
  • Form Builder (Drag and drop)
  • A/B Testing
  • Life cycle management
  • Numerous professional templates included
    (email, landing page, pop-up)
  • Responsive design

Tools to convert your leads into costumers

Automatically generate new customers

  • Email Builder (Drag and drop)
  • Email marketing tool
  • Marketing automation
  • Email RSS
  • Page preview
  • Advanced lead tracking (lead nurturing)
  • Newsletter Builder

Tools for analyzing, optimizing and managing

Get the essential information in order to make good decisions and optimize your campaigns

  • Integrated CRM
  • A/B Testing on all tools
  • Real-time data
  • Complete analysis and follow-up of your visitors
  • Advanced and customizable analytics report
  • Event tracking
  • Contact management
  • KPI essentials
  • Advanced list segmentation
  • Personalized fields
  • Advanced event and site tracking
  • Mobile device and computer performance

Help and support

Take advantage of our 5-star support

  • Free bilingual support
  • Free e-book and webinar
  • Free guides and resources documentation
  • Dashboard (KPI)
  • Service in accessible in less than 30 seconds
  • Online chat
  • 5-star costumer service
  • Unboarding included (Strong growth program)
  • Free 21-day trial

Integration Tools

No developer required to use LeadFox

  • Compatible with


  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Security
  • No developer required
  • Title Management H – SEO
  • Easily duplicate your pages
  • Customizable SEO and meta
  • Customization of your subdomains

How exactly does pricing work? You only pay for what you will be using for the current month. No annual contract, no catches, no surprises. If for whatever reason you decide to stop using LeadFox, you simply do not renew the next month. It’s that easy. Pricing is based entirely on your success. Once you reach the maximum number of contacts for a level, you have two options: You can either stay at your current Fox level and pay for additional contacts as desired, or you can move up to the next level. It’s always your choice.

What functionalities are included? ALL of them—regardless of the Fox level you choose. Remember, you pay based on how well LeadFox performs. Obviously, we want LeadFox to generate the most visits, leads and conversions for you as possible. So we always give you all of the tools you need to deploy the best landing pages, emails, forms, pop-ups, CTAs and more.

What support do I get? Anytime you have a question, just ask; our experts are only a click away. You can even chat with them directly in LeadFox itself.

Why would I want a subdomain? With our paid Fox levels, you can choose your own subdomain for hosting your landing pages. Or you can simply use ours free of charge. Again, it’s your choice.